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Latex-Dipped Industry

Our key customers are latex based related manufacturers particularly natural and synthetic glove, condom, finger cot and balloon. We distribute a wide range of products which includes raw latex for glove dipping, compounding ingredients and processing additives.

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Nitrile Latex

​Synthetic latex for glove dipping (disposable exam, cleanroom and industrial gloves)

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Chloroprene Latex

Synthetic latex for glove dipping (examination, surgical, industrial and household gloves)


Crosslinker for Nitrile Latex

​High performance crosslinker (sulphur / accelerator free)


Cationic | Anionic | Non-ionic Surfactant

Stabilizer for latex compounding, emulsifier for emulsion polymerization of latex


Active Zinc Oxide

Act as activator for crosslinking process in latex compound

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Water Based Dispersions, Emulsions  & Custom Processed Chemicals

​High quality aqueous dispersions and emulsions for latex foam, latex rubber, adhesives and coatings

Polyisprene Latex

Synthetic Latex for surgical gloves and condoms


Pigment Dispersion

Colorants for gloves , balloons and etc


Specialty Accelerator | Antioxidant Powder

• Accelerate crosslinking process
• Antioxidant for rubber products


Wax Emulsion

Act as stripping agent and anti-ozonant for gloves. Antitack and anti-blocking agent


Water-based Polyurethane

Synthetic latex for supported glove coating and textile adhesive

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